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Marquee decoration is one of the essential elements of an event. With a world-class marquee, you will also need the complimenting decoration to make any event memorable.


Marquee Hire UK is a one-stop solution for all your event-related needs. We not only supply marquees but we also offer a marquee decoration service. We are well aware of every corner of our marquee; hence we can decorate it better than anyone else.


Some decorators implement the same kind of decoration to every type of marquee. Would you like that your rock n roll dance party looks like a wedding venue? No one wants that. It is why people hire specialists like us.


We have a diverse variety of decorations to complement different kinds of parties. So, whether it’s Halloween celebrations or your graduation party, call us to make it unforgettable.


Here are some salient features of our marquee decoration service:


For most people, this is business, whereas, for Marquee Hire UK, this is passion. Our dedicated staff members always prefer customer satisfaction over profits. It is why instead of going for cheap options, we constantly push our limits and buy the best.


All of the decor and props you will see in our stock are branded and of the highest quality. We strive hard to give you a premium service, and these elements play an essential role in it.


Remember Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake’s wedding? How cool was it, right? Want to have decorations just like that? Wishes noted! We have proudly arranged most of the trendy events all over the UK.


Our stocks are not only loaded with the latest trend decorations, but with us, you can be a trendsetter yourself. We take the wishes and dreams of our customers quite seriously and try hard to fulfil them.


If you are planning a Halloween party, we have the spookiest decor of all time. If your wedding is near, we have the most elegant ideas and latest stuff for its decoration. No one can beat us when it comes to marquee decoration.


All of the decor and props you will see in our stock are branded and of the highest quality. We strive hard to give you a premium service, and these elements play an essential role in it.

Diverse Variety

We have decorations for all kinds of people. We can arrange it for you if you are a classical person and would like to have decent yet impressive decoration for your event. If you love the funky decor in the marquee, we will amaze you with our skills.


Moreover, we also suggest good decorations to our customers according to their budget. You can have a meeting with the event manager and tell them your preferences and budget. Rest is their job, and they will do it in a way that you will love.

Marquee Decoration For Different Events

Every event is not the same, so does the decor required for it. We here at Marquee Hire UK understand this fact completely. Unlike others, we will never suggest you the same set for your wedding and birthday party. These are two different events and should be treated likewise.


Here are a few out of many events for which we provide decoration service:

Corporate Events

Few marquee suppliers have the skills to manage a successful corporate event. Along with a classy marquee, elegant decoration and furniture are also crucial in a corporate event. You can deal with a corporate event like a party until it is a party. Even at corporate parties, you have to create a balance of fun and professionalism.


Hence, if you want a successful corporate event, then only hire experts like Marquee Hire Uk.


You will agree that a suitable definition puts life in a party. The type of the right decor depends upon the style of the party. Let’s suppose; if you are hosting a Retro 90’s theme party, you will need a classical set for it.


Similarly, if it is your graduation party, then the decoration has to be welcoming. In the case of Halloween decoration, the best rule of thumb is “the spookier, the better.”


It also depends upon your personal preference. No matter what is the case, you can rest assured that your event is in safe hands.


There are endless types of festivals, and luckily we can also make numerous arrangements of the decor to compliment the overall look of the celebrations. For festivals, we have tents that will enhance the essence and beauty of the festival.


In addition, you can also add matching furniture and decorations to these tents. We always go beyond our resources to make your event extraordinary.


For example, if you are planning a spring festival. We will arrange fresh flowers and other natural aids to meet the purpose. If you plan to host the carnival, we can provide you with all the decorations made explicitly for festivals.


Weddings are surely one of the most important and memorable events of one’s life. When it comes to weddings, we ensure that no rock is left uplift. We cover the decorations from the beginning till the end.


From the groom’s car to the departure of guests, you will witness intense attention to detail. It is what makes us better than many other marquee hire service providers. Supplying a marquee is one thing and decorating it is another.


In the case of weddings, preferences vary from person to person. One customer can ask for a simple decoration for their wedding, and another can demand orchids from the Himalayas. Fortunately, no one returned from the doors of Marquee Hire UK disappointed.


In our career, we have decorated all kinds of marquees with all sorts of requirements. If you want a white or pink-themed elegant western wedding, we offer world-class decor for it. Moreover, if you want a traditional Asian or South Asian wedding, we will make you feel at home.


Since childhood, we have kept wondering about our wedding. When the time arrives, we have plenty of dreams to fulfil. We take that bucket of dreams from you and bring them to reality.


The most significant profit of our company is the satisfaction and smiles of our customers. Our dedicated staff goes beyond their limits to facilitate you and your guests. It is why people keep returning to our company for all kinds of events.

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