Privacy Policy

For Marquee Hire UK, privacy is your ultimate right. Hence, all of the information we take from is disclosed in this privacy policy. You can refrain us or any third party members from receiving your report anytime.

In this privacy policy, we have disclosed the method and reason behind collecting your information. The extent to which your data is taken and stored is also clearly stated in this privacy policy.

Note: Marquee Hire UK reserves the right to amend any clause of the policy at any time without prior notice.
How Your Information Is Processed And Retrieved?

Following are the two main types of events in which we store and access your data:


1. Subscription of Newsletter

While you subscribe to our newsletter, you also agree that we can store your information. 

In this case, we store information such as the subscription time, the subscription pathway, and your email address. The company also reserve the right to check which of our emails you have clicked on. Moreover, Marquee Hire UK can store information like clicks on various links of a newsletter.


2. Upon Contacting Us Directly

If you contact us directly using your phone, the company can also store your name and phone number. 

Another way of collecting information is through the form given on the website. If you fill that form, all of the information you provide is stored by the company. This information may include your home’s address, your phone number and your name. 

Extra information that the system stores may include your IP Address and how you landed on the website. 

Why Do We Process Or Store Your Information?

Now you might be thinking that what are our intentions behind storing your data? You don’t have to worry about anything. The primary reasons include devising better marketing strategies, legally complying with laws and keeping records.

● To Provide Our Services

The biggest reason behind collecting and processing your information is to provide you with our services. There are many stages and levels at which we must have your information.

For instance, we can store your phone number to contact you once you have placed your order. Your home address or site’s address is required for reaching there to set up the marquees. 

● To Comply With Law

It is another main reason to collect and store your information. Some laws in the UK bound us to collect and share your information in the case of legal proceedings. Administrative agencies have the right to look over our records in certain conditions. 

It is why we must collect and process your data to comply with the laws.

● For Disciplinary or Legal Proceedings 

If something unlawful happens during the event, we are bound to share your information with law enforcement agencies. For this purpose, by order of the state, we store your data. 

● For Marketing Purpose

Marquee Hire UK may collect your information for offering our other services to you. The company may use this data for informing you regarding promotional offers. 

● For Analytics

The company regularly analyse the performance of the website. For this purpose, it uses the data we collect from you to assess the website’s functioning. 

● For Sending Invoice

In the billing process, the company may require your information for issuing bills. In this scenario, Marquee Hire UK may demand some basic information from you. It can also include your bank details if you don’t want to pay using cash.


To Whom We May Give Personal Data

The following important question is, with whom we can share your data? We believe in clarity between our clients and us hence is the list of organisations or persons we may share your information with:

● Including third parties which are involved in the process.

● Our trade partners.

● Product manufacturers.

● Our legal representatives.

● Subcontractors.

In case of any legal proceedings, we may share your information with :

● Law Enforcement agencies.

● Tribunals or Courts.

● The Information Commissioner’s Office.

The people or organisations we may share your information with may or may not fall under this list. 

No Extradition of Data

Marquee Hire UK will process your data in the UK only unless you demand to import something or the government orders to share it outside the UK.

Changing Data

You have the right to change your data in our database if proved wrong or incorrect. For this purpose, you will have to send a written application to the office of Marquee Hire UK. 

The Right To Erasure

Under certain conditions, ICO grants the right to the customer to get their data erased from a supplier. If you believe that you fulfil all the requirements applied, you can forward your request to Marquee Hire UK’s office. 

After confirming that your application fulfils all the requirements, we will immediately delete your data from the database. 

Withdrawal of Consent

Information regulatory authority grants you the right of withdrawal of consent at any moment. One thing to remark here is that the company is not bound to provide you services after withdrawal of consent. 

After the withdrawal of consent, the company won’t retrieve, store or process any of your data. It may result in hindrance in services for which the company won’t be responsible.

DPA 2018 and GDPR Regulated

Marquee Hire UK complies with both laws Data Protection Act 2018 and General Data Protection Regulations. It implies that the storing, processing and sharing of your data is highly regulated. 

If you have any complaints, active email addresses and phone numbers have been provided for your convenience.