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Festival Tent Hire

In search of an outstanding Festival Tent Hire service? Say no more because we have what you are looking for and also more.

If you have ever gone to a festival in the UK, the chances are that you have already seen our tents in action. Our fleet of tents includes a variety from all over the world. We aim to become the largest tent supplier in the whole UK hence work accordingly.

Are you looking to hire a festival tent for a night event? We will provide you with tents, but we will also arrange lighting systems on demand that will complement the whole scene. We are known for pushing our limits to facilitate our customers.

It is the biggest reason why our customers love us!

Festival Tent Hire For Musical Nights

We specialize in supplying tents and other essentials to make your music nights memorable. If you plan a private music party at your farmhouse, we have tents perfect for this purpose. For private music parties, we have imported fine-quality tents from Spain.

MarqueeUK is a one-stop solution for all your festival tent needs. Along with tents we also provide music and lighting systems to our customers on demand. It helps our customers to focus on more important things, like dealing with guests.

Looking for a festival tent hire service for a large-scale event? Hold your horses because we have some extraordinary things to offer. We offer tents that have separate entrances from all sides. Meaning that your VIP guests and artists will be able to enter and exit freely from the main event.

In addition to tents, we provide stages that sit perfectly with the overall arrangements. These stages are crafted carefully to bear the hefty weights. The base of these stages is made of the most reliable and durable materials. Hence, you won’t have to despair about any accidents due to negligence.
If you want relaxation, we have some custom-made lighting systems to offer. These lighting systems are built to light every corner of the tent elegantly at night.

Our services don’t end there; we also offer to arrange high-end music systems for our customers. We are a festival tent supplier, but we push our limits to make your events unique. These music systems are good enough to shake thousands of people at a time.

Festival Tent Hire For Carnivals

We all love carnivals, don’t we? Carnivals are an excellent source of entertainment and a nostalgic escape from our hectic routines. They are also a perfect source to boost your economy as it attracts tourists from around the globe.

Are you planning to host a carnival? Well, you have landed just the right place. Just tell me, what is the most prominent feature of festivals? Tents. It is why you should be very careful while choosing festival tents.

These tents will be the main attraction of your carnivals. Most carnivals operate during the daytime. We have the perfect tents for this purpose. Our tents are wide and open enough to allow proper passage of light and air.

It will provide a very healthy and entertaining environment for your guests.

Types Of Festival Tents

Shop Tents

Are you planning to place a stall at the next fair? Assume no more because we have the perfect tents for you. The top of these tents is weatherproof hence you won’t have to worry about the changing weather. You and your valuables will be safe under these tents.


The next best thing about these tents is the amount of attention they grab. Our tents are specifically designed to play with the psyche of the people present in carnivals. These tents quickly catch the eye from far away because of the colour schemes.


Therefore, be prepared to deal with a lot of crowds around you.

Food Tents

In any festival, the most crucial festival tents are the food and beverages tents. We have the ideal tents if you are planning some live cooking. These tents are designed ergonomically that to keep the environment inside the tent enjoyable.


These tents are also spacious enough to accommodate your equipment and guests at a time. 

Bar Tents

Music festivals are incomplete without bar tents. The festival tents that we offer in this regard are incredibly luxurious. You can choose between various sizes depending upon the number of people you plan to handle.


The ambience is an essential factor when it comes to bar tents. For this purpose, you can also add elegant lighting and props to your package. 

Stage Tents

Over the years, it has been proved that framed stages are not reliable at all. To keep you away from any accidents, we have added luxurious stage tents to our inventory. These tents come in various colours and sizes.


The height of these stages depends upon your preference and needs. You can always add additional decoration to your package to make the event more memorable. 

Day Event Tents

Day event tents are different from the ones we offer for night events. During the day, you can utilize sunlight as a good source of light. For this purpose, the sides of the tents are made wide open to let the light enter.


Moreover, proper attention is given while manufacturing these tents to ensure maximum ventilation. On account of that, you won’t have any connections for these tents. 

VIP Tents

There are multiple events and festivals where you invite VIPs. We, as a tent supplying company, thoroughly understand the importance of your special guests.


It is why we have recently added ultra-luxury VIP tents to our stock. These tents have all the amenities to impress your special guest. Elegant decoration and high-end furniture are few out of any extras that are included in these tents.


We do all the arrangements and management, and you will receive the credit ultimately. All of this is only possible if you choose the best festival tents service, providers. Therefore, make your decision carefully.


So, what are you waiting for? Call us today and get a free quote. 

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