Terms of Services

Following are the terms and conditions of Marquee Hire UK that you must agree with upon hiring us:

  1. Setting up and planning charges of the furniture layout is not included in the hiring charges of the marquee. It is also obligatory to store chair covers in a dry environment. Moreover, setting up chairs and tables before the day of the event is prohibited. The staff is allowed to remove the chairs right after the event.
  2. If the hirer fails to disclose any certain circumstances or obstacles on the site, the company can amend service charges at any stage.
  3. The company won’t be responsible for misunderstanding or inaccuracies if the instructions are given verbally. The company can be held accountable for the confirmed written information and instructions. 
  4. The hirer will be bound to return all the equipment and other stuff as provided. In case of any wear and tear, if the damage is negligible, the company will be bear it. 
  5. Marquee Hire UK provides equipment that is secured against storm and theft. In case of any malicious damage, the hirer will be held liable.
  6. Although the marquees we provide are primarily weatherproof, the hirer can’t hold the company accountable for any inconvenience caused due to extreme weather conditions. 
  7. According to the company’s policy, if the hirer cancels a confirmed order before 9 months from the exact date of the event, then £500 will be charged as a cancellation fee.
  8. If the hirer cancels a confirmed order 3 to 9 months before the event, cancellation charges will be 25% of the total fee.
  9. If an order is cancelled 2 to 3 months before the main event, the cancellation fee will be 50%.
  10. The total amount is due if the hirer cancels the order 2 months or less before the event.
  11. In case of orders lower than £500, Marquee Hire UK will take the total order value as a deposit. In the case of orders valued at more than £500, 25% of the full order value will be taken as a deposit.
  12. The hirer will be responsible for providing a flat ground for erecting a marquee. If any main supply pipes or hidden wires get damaged due to undisclosed information, the hirer will be responsible for the damage. 
  13. Hirer will be accountable for any loss or damage to the material on the site caused by him or any guest and will compensate the company accordingly.
  14. The company has the liberty to vary the size of marquees until and unless it doesn’t affect the seating capacity of the reception.
  15. The hirer can’t hold the company responsible for any inconvenience or loss of revenue due to the circumstances that are not in the control of Marquee Hire UK. These circumstances include but are not limited to restrictions by the government, Pandemic, Strikes, Acts of God, etc. 
T&Cs For Table Linen:

● If something spills over table linen, the hirer is responsible for returning the cloth clean and dry. The company won’t accept a piece attacked by mildew due to its placement in the plastic bag in wet form. The company is eligible for charging an entire replacement cost in such conditions.

● Burnt cloth is considered unpresentable; hence, the company will charge a total replacement cost in such a case.

● The fabric must be returned in its original colour; otherwise, it will charge a full replacement.

● Pins of any kind, including staples, can destroy Table linen. The hirer is liable for paying replacement charges in case of such destruction.

● The hirer is bound to return clean clothes to Marquee Hire UK after the event. For every dirty cloth, Marquee Hire UK will charge £3.

T&Cs For Postponements:

● If the company confirms the rescheduling of the event within the next 3 months of the original date, the hirer won’t be subject to any postponement fee. That only implies if the client has the actual receipt of the rescheduling provided by the company.

● Marquee Hire UK issues new dates on a first-come, first-serve basis. These dates depend upon the availability of the equipment and staff.

● Marquee Hire UK has the liberty to offer dates that are out of “High Season” in the case of postponement. 

● Additional charges may be applied to the orders in which postponement is longer than 3 months. 

T&Cs In Extreme Weather Conditions:

For most of the time, our weatherproof marquees will serve just right for you in the event of rain and wind, but there may be situations when our services may get affected due to the Acts of God. 

Down below, we have discussed some exceptional weather conditions and T&Cs that apply in these situations:

In Case Of Heavy Rain

Heavy rain can flood the site, and in such conditions, the company is not responsible for cancelling the order. Not only will a flood damage our equipment, you and your guests will also face inconvenience in such situations. 

If the site is flooded before the erection of the marquee, our staff holds the right to refuse services. It is to keep our equipment safe from damage. These decisions are taken to ensure the safety of you and your guests as well.

In Case Of High-Level Wind

Although the structure of our marquees is relatively rigid, high-level winds can be dangerous for them. In the case of high win levels, our professional team with advanced tools will assess the safety risks.

If the wind level is too high, according to the analysis of our professional team, we reserve the right to refuse from erecting the marquee. In case the wind levels exceed the safety standards, we have the right to remove the structure.

These decisions will be based upon the direction of the wind, potential hazards, and the size of the marquee.

The hirer or anyone else can’t hold the company responsible for any damage to property due to weather. Moreover, the company has the right of refusal if there are potential safety risks involved in erecting the marquee.