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The decision of hiring a marquee in the UK can be tricky, and this is why we have added some commonly asked questions for your convenience. If you can’t find what you are looking for in these questions, kindly contact us directly via provided contact number:

Is Decoration Allowed On Marquees?
Yes, decoration is allowed on the marquees until they don't damage the structure of the marquees. However, Decorations that need to be attached using drills and other property damaging tools are not allowed.
Do Marquees Come With Sidewalls?
Yes, Marquee Hire UK provides matching sidewalls with every marquee we provide. Half of these sidewalls are coloured, and half are clear. However, changes can be made at the request of the customers. You can even choose all of the sidewalls to be coloured or clear.
Is Matting Necessary?
Matting is not a compulsion by Marquee Hire UK, and it depends upon you. If you are confused, then our event management team is here to guide you. Usually, for weddings, we suggest having matts as high heels and grass don't go well together.
Do You Cut Grass?
No, Marquee Hire UK services don't include cutting grass. If you prefer short grass, then you have to do it at your own expense. What we can do here is connect you with reliable people who will do the job for you.
Are Generators Included In The Package?
No, the decision to have generators with the marquees solely depends upon you. If you have an old generator sitting in your garage, we don't mind setting it up for you. If you feel like our offers don't suit you, you are free to hire other service providers.

Our Pricing

Packages we offer here at Marquee Hire UK are quite reasonable. However, we have still answered some basic questions so you can make decisions easily. Following are the questions
our customers usually ask from us:

How To Know The Price Of Hiring?
Although the form on our website gives a good idea about pricing, you can directly contact us on the given number if you are confused. The most accurate way to get an estimate is by booking a site visit. For more information, call us or send an email.
Do I Have To Pay Separately For The Side Walls?
No, sidewalls are usually part of the marquee package; hence you don't have to pay separately for it. However, if you have special requirements for your event, then conditions may vary. The best part is that you can always get different combinations of sidewalls.
Do Marquee Hire UK Offers Discounts?
Yes, but only in particular cases like events of schools, charity or organizations and holidays. Marquee Hire UK already offers more affordable rates than its competitors. Our company strives hard to provide ultimate value to our clients. For your satisfaction, you can always compare Marquee Hire UK's rates with average market rates. Hopefully, you will always get better rates than others.
Do You Charge Separately For Marquee's Heaters?
Marquee's heaters are considered a luxury add-on and are not considered a necessity. Hence the company charges separately for this service. Another reason for charging extra is that Marquee heaters run on fuel. One thing to note here is that Marquee Hire UK does not charge an unrealistically high fee for the service.
Do You Charge Cancellation Charges?
Yes, it is our company policy to charge cancellation charges. However, the percentage of these charges depends upon the time you cancel your order. In case if you want to postpone the event, you can do it without facing any extra charges. That is only applicable if the delayed date is within 90 days of the original date.

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