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We offer the most luxurious yet affordable marquee service in the whole United Kingdom. Get a free quote from us, compare it with the market.

About Marquee UK

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“Add life to your events with the best marquee service providers in the whole UK without spending extra.”

We priorities the satisfaction of our customers more than our profits, which sets us apart from others. You have to share your dreams with us, and we will turn them into reality. We strive to impress your guests and make you feel proud.

“From weddings to corporate events, we add pixie dust to all kinds of the event”

Our Experience

Perfect Event Presentation

“I thought that I would be getting an average bridal shower for my much-loved sister because of my tight budget. But guess who was wrong? Yes, despite my not-so-high budget Marquee Hire UK arranged an exceptional event. Not a single thing was missing and the event presentation was right on point. A lot of people asked regarding my marquee hire decision that day and I recommended Marquee Hire UK to everyone.”

That is what one of our customers had to say about our services. From our event planning department to our operational team, everyone is creative and pays extraordinary attention to the details.

That is the reason why people choose us over and over again for their events. Our experience in this industry allows us to host every kind of event ideally. So, next time you plan an outdoor meeting with a substantial client, give us a call. Perfection in the arrangements will contribute to winning the client.

Here are the reasons which make us ideal for any job:

Years of Experience

Managing an event is not a kid’s play. When you are dealing with hundreds of guests, experience plays a significant role. That is one of the main reasons why you will witness perfection in our jobs.

Dedicated Team

Our team is our strength. Marquee Hire UK is a family-run business, and everyone on the team is creative and strives for perfection. Even the employees in our company are treated like family, which creates excellent harmony.

Qualified Professionals

Everyone here at Marquee Hire is best at what they do. Team members not only have years of experience but also boast relevant degrees. Therefore, you can rest assured that your event is in safe hands.

Marquee Hire in UK
Our Services

Marquee Hire Services We Offer in UK

We offer a wide range of marquee hire services catered to both residential and commercial clients.

Celebrate your party

Intimate Events & Home Celebrations

Covid 19 has affected everything, including celebrations. More and more people are shifting towards smaller gathering weddings and parties. Halt on festivals was more depressing than anything. As the government showed some leniency in the lockdown, we came up with the best solutions.


Who said you couldn’t celebrate in homes or your gardens? Yes, you won’t be able to call your aunt’s in-laws from Europe for your wedding, but still, you can have a decent small gathering while following SOPs to keep everyone safe.


The types of setups we provide for celebrations at home have one thing in common. They are highly ventilated. That is to minimize the risks of spreading the virus.

Marquee Hire uk home celebration

We completely understand that the events you host are close to your heart. Given this, we have added multiple new designs and sizes to our tent collection. So, please don’t be sad because we will make you forget about the pandemic on your special day. You can hire us long-term basis or short term basis too.


The tents we offer can be equipped with all the luxuries that come in a marquee. You can have themed furniture, matching decor, and even stages for your parties. We ensure that you and your folks do not miss anything at all.


Moreover, a variety of food options are also offered for your intimate events and home celebrations. So give us a call, and we will turn your backyard into a part of Disneyland.


So, what are you waiting for? Contact us on the numbers given at the bottom and get a quote of your choice today.

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Marquee Hire FAQs

How to get the most affordable marquee in the UK?
That is the biggest question asked by the people on the marquee hire quest. You have to follow simple steps to host your events without spending more than required. First, you only have to get quotes from different marquee service providers. Then, after writing down the offers of all the service providers, compare them and choose the one that suits your preferences and budget.
What Size Marquee Do I Need to Hire?
We understand that you are intimidated by the idea of hosting an event for the first time. Most people worry about the size of the marquee. You have to count the number of guests you want to invite on that occasion and the space you have. Just consider these two things while deciding the size of the marquee, and you are good to go.
How much does a Marquee Hire Cost?
There's no straightforward answer to this question. The cost of marquee hire depends upon the number of your guests and the luxuries you add. It isn't easy to give any special price as it varies from service provider to service provider. Give us a call today to get a quote for your event.
Is it possible to erect a marquee on the unlevelled ground?
Yes, it is possible to erect a marquee or a gazebo on the unlevelled ground. However, to get the most out of your event, it is recommended to set up the marquee on a perfectly consistent basis.
Can I Make Last Minute Changes To My Marquee?
If the changes you are demanding are possible, we won’t hesitate to push our limits to facilitate you. Fundamental changes like the addition of furniture, food, and equipment are possible. Contrarily, if you will ask for changing the colour of the tent, that won’t be possible.
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Event Transformation

Marquee Hire Will Transform Your Event

Marquee Hire Will Transform Your Event

By choosing the exemplary marquee hire service, you can transform your event into an unforgettable memory. That is something we specialize in it. You come into our office with dreams, and we turn them into reality.

Contrary to others, we not only provide the best looks but also offer ultimate practicality. For example, separate restrooms for the guests, stages are designed very carefully, and marquees are erected according to the ground level, which means that all the aspects of an event are taken into keen consideration.

Here are the benefits of choosing us:

Impress Your Guests

By choosing us as your marquee hire option, your elegant selection will be the hot topic instead of poor arrangements. Our passionate team gives their best to make the stay of your guests extraordinary.

Bespoke Furniture

You can take the standard of your event to a whole new level by adding furniture to your package. Bespoke furniture from the finest collections is matched with the theme to add a magical touch to your events.

Due to this, you won’t have to worry about finding matching furniture for your themed party anymore.

Luscious Food

Before an event, women think about their clothes, and men wonder about the food.

Considering this fact, you should pay a lot of attention to the selection and preparation of the food.

Fortunately, Marquee Hire UK offers the most OK food prepared by professional chefs. So that will eliminate the worry of finding the exemplary catering service and other associated things.

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Our Latest News

Best Tent Hire Service

The Very Best In Tent Hire

If you are looking for the best marquee hire in Uk, then you have just landed the right place. Whether you are looking for a suitable tent for an alien-themed party or a decent covering for a school exhibition, we have it all.
No customer has ever returned from our doors due to a shortage of variety. As a result, we have gathered a diverse array of tents, marquees, and gazebos over time.

In the past years, we have proudly hosted hundreds of different kinds of events. From highly luxurious weddings to ultimately crazy-themed parties, we have done it all.

We have coverings in all sizes and all colours. So, if your fiance is demanding a pink colour-themed decor for your wedding, don’t worry. We will not only provide themed coverings, but you will also get complimenting decor and props.


Other than tents, you will get furniture, food and even catering equipment according to your preference from one place. All of these factors collectively make us the best marquee hire option in the whole UK.


We also have extensive experience in managing traditional weddings for immigrants. Hence, if you want to enjoy the essence of your traditional wedding here in the UK, then we are simply the best option.


From as small as two adjacent rooms to as big as a Boeing 747, we have tents of all sizes. Moreover, when it comes to shapes, ask for any tent, marquee, or gazebo you like.

Quality Marquee hire service is what we do!

Interested in any of our marquee hire services? Contact us to make an appointment and well get your event started!