Marquee Size

Are you planning to hire a marquee service but don’t know which marquee size will suit you?


For your convenience, we have come up with different scenarios and the marquee for them.


That is a crucial factor to consider as if you choose a small marquee, and your guests won’t be impressed. If you go for a bigger marquee than required, then you will be spending more than needed.


Hence, if you want a perfect event, read this guide till the end.

marquee size

Marquee For 30 Guests

Are you planning the 18th birthday of your child or a small party in your backyard? Don’t know which marquee will suit you the most? Worry not because we will answer all your answers.


If you plan to arrange outdoor arrangements for the dinner, then a 20ft x 10ft marquee will be perfect. Mind that this marquee is only perfect until your guests are standing.

Seated With Tables

If you plan to have seats and tables inside the marquee, go for a 20ft x 20ft marquee. A marquee smaller than this size might feel congested, which will kill the fun.

With Buffet

If buffet is on your to-do list, then a 20ft x 20ft marquee will serve adequately for this purpose too. Note that you won’t be left with any extra space, so be sure to double-check the guest’s list.

Marquee For 100 Guests

If you want a mid-sized marquee for a wedding or any other event, then the following sizes will be appropriate:


If this is going to an event where guests will be standing only, then a 20ft x 40ft marquee will work just fine. With this marquee size, you won’t have to worry about additional 20 guests as well.

Seated With Tables

If you are determining marquee size for a wedding, then don’t forget about seats and tables. Seats and tables are an essential part of a wedding marquee reception.


With around 100 guests on your list, a 30ft x 30ft marquee will be adequate for you. You will also have some extra space to accommodate any unexpected guests.

With Buffet

Some people like buffets to be placed outside, and some prefer them inside. If you are in the latter group, then a 30ft x 30 ft marquee will do the magic for you.

It will also be the most economical option for you, but don’t expect much extra space.

Marquee For 300 Guests

Is there a tradition in your family to have magnificent weddings? Don’t know which marquee size will be ideal for catering to 300 guests? You don’t have to worry until Marquee Hire UK is here.


In the case of school functions or music concerts, with around 300 guests, 30ft x 80ft marquee serves perfectly. You will also have the capacity to accommodate some extra people in this marquee .

Seated With Tables

Are you organizing a corporate event or wedding with a guest list of people? If you, then the ideal marquee for you is 30ft x 90ft. With this size, space in your event won’t feel congested.

That’s all for today; hopefully, you now know which size suits you the most. For more convenience, give Marquee Hire UK a call, and our sales team will visit your site or recommend you a marquee after virtual inspection.